Bon-Ton Code of Vendor Conduct:Bon-Ton验厂

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Bon-Ton Code of Vendor Conduct:Bon-Ton验厂
深圳市睿鼎企业管理* *有限公司
Bon-Ton Code of Vendor Conduct
  Safety and Health

  Vendors/suppliers must provide employees with a safe and healthy working environment in accordance with applicable laws and regulation. Factories producing merchandise being supplied to BJ’s shall provide adequate safety equipment (appropriate to the industry), ventilation, first aid supplies, fire extinguishers, fire exits, well-lit workstations, clean restrooms and ensure that all are well maintained and in good working order. Vendors/suppliers who provide residential accommodations for employees must apply similar standards to their residential facilities.

  Workers’ Insurance

  Vendors/suppliers must comply with all appropriate local laws and regulations requiring social insurance, health insurance, life insurance and worker’s compensation insurance.


  Vendors/suppliers must comply with all applicable local environmental laws and regulations regarding protection and preservation of the environment in their country.

  Equal Opportunity

  Vendors/suppliers must not discriminate in hiring, salary, benefits, advancement, discipline, termination or retirement on the basis of race, color, nationality, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion, social or ethnic origin, political or other beliefs.  Employees should be hired and promoted on the basis of ability, not on the basis of personal characteristics or beliefs.

  Freedom of Association

  Vendors/suppliers must respect and recognize the rights of all employees to lawfully meet. Vendors/suppliers shall not discipline any person in their employment due to that person’s non-violent exercise of such right.

  Disciplinary Practices

  Vendors and suppliers must treat all employees with respect and dignity. Vendors/suppliers must not inflict or threaten to inflict corporal punishment or any other forms of physical, sexual, psychological or verbal abuse or harassment on any of their employees.

  Documentation and Inspection

  Vendors/suppliers must maintain on file such documentation, kept according to generally accepted business practice or local law, as may be needed to illustrate compliance with this Code of Conduct and shall make these documents available to BJ’s or to BJ’s designated agent upon request.  At any time, with or without notice, BJ’s reserves the right to audit and/or authorize a third party to audit, any of Vendor’s facilities to verify compliance with this Code. Copies of the Code shall be supplied to individual employees at the employee’s request.



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